Our Heritage


Vestige Of Marblehead’s Maritime Heyday – 80+ years Later

North of Boston lies a historic village with old crooked streets - Birthplace of the American Navy,  a village that once titled “Yachting Capital of the World”.  With a natural deep-water harbor, and more grand yacht clubs than anywhere on the planet, Marblehead earned its reputation.  Home to all things nautical from yacht designers and builders to world famous skippers – it all happened in this curious coastal town 14 miles north of Boston. 


More than 80 years later, F.L. Woods, in its original federal building, is as relevant and vibrant as ever under the careful stewardship of Fred & Nathalie’s neighbor - W. B. George. With equal parts historical reverence and modern style savvy, George has brought F.L. Woods into the 21st-century while retaining the shops vintage “salt-water-in-its-veins” flavor. Customers still buy charts, cannons, and all manner of nautical burgee -- but what’s more, George designs and manufacturers a line of clothing and goods that carry the establishments trade-mark Buoy Logo. A cornerstone of this handcrafted line is a collection of products in a once-famous yacht paint color -- called Marblehead Green. This greenish grey color once adorned the bottom of yachts, now re-lives its glory in a line of pants, shorts and other goods.